A PARISH councillor assaulted by a group of teenagers in a town centre is calling on police to crack down on youth disorder.

Cllr Craig McBeth was punched in Colne last week.

The Trawden parish councillor said: “A small group of teens are left to run riot in the town centre and the local police have consistently failed to tackle the problem.

“ Previously they have tried ‘rewarding’ some troubled youths with free entry to attractions and trips, but this has clearly not worked. If anything the problem is getting worse.”

Insp Scott Boast said: “We are investigating an allegation of assault. With reference to criminalising children, we continue to adopt an approach that focuses on engagement, education, and enforcement where it is appropriate to do so. We have some really good examples across Pendle recently, where we have worked closely with partner agencies, children and families, and managed to put in place interventions that have significantly improved the behaviour and lives of those that need that little bit of support and guidance.”