A 73-YEAR-OLD man was shocked after being sent home from hospital with his pacemaker protruding through his skin.

David Rutherford had begun feeling pains on October 11 this year and was alarmed to find the pacemaker, first fitted in October last year, had moved inside of him and was now bulging out and visible.

Mr Rutherford and wife Karen tried to get treatment at Royal Blackburn Hospital but were shocked when they were sent home due to a coronavirus outbreak on his ward with the pacemaker still bulging.

Mrs Rutherford said: “I tried and tried with the ward, left messages with his consultant, rang our own GP but to no avail.

“My husband feels like he has been pushed on the rubbish pile because of his age. No one can give him any response to when he is having the operation.”

Mr Rutherford had worked from the age of 15 up to his retirement and says he was hugely disappointed not to receive help when he needed it most.

His situation was particularly alarming as the couple were worried about whether the pacemaker would remain connected while they waited for treatment.

Mrs Rutherford said: “As each day went by we were more and more unsure if the wires were going to stay connected.

“He feels so disheartened as he has worked all his life to have to come to this.”

Fortunately the couple were eventually able to get a referral to Blackpool Victoria Hospital and were relieved to be able to book an appointment with a specialist.

Mrs Rutherford said: “From the horrible treatment it's looking like we could be getting somewhere at last.

“We know Covid is getting people’s lives in a tizz but other health problems still need to be treated too with people who are needing it, it’s not fair.”

Meanwhile East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust has said it will work to investigate any concerns.

Executive director of nursing Chris Pearson said: “We respect our patients’ right to confidentiality and we would not publicly comment on individual cases.

“However, we would urge anyone who is not satisfied with their care to contact the Trust directly so their concerns can be investigated,” he added.

Mr Rutherford has now been booked in to have a new wireless pacemaker fitted at Blackpool Victoria.