A Blackburn taxi-driver whose father died in October has shared a video showing ‘row upon row’ of freshly dug graves at Blackburn Cemetery.

He urged those in the community still sharing 'rumours and conspiracy theories' about coronavirus to think again after a tragic month for all families.

The Muslims section of Pleasington Cemetery had 43 people buried during the first 22 days in November with more than half due to Covid-19. On Wednesday November 18 six people were buried in one day for the first time in the Muslim section.

On Friday November 13 five people were buried on one day. During the whole of November 2019, 14 people were buried in the Muslim section.

We can now reveal in one week alone (November 14-21) in total 24 people were buried at the cemetery of which 18 were from the Muslim community. Of those 24, twelve had died from Covid-19.

Altaf Patel, lost his father on October 24 and says since then he counted more than 50 other families have lost loved ones during that time.

In a video he shared on WhatsApp he said he wanted to show the number of people who would have died in such a short space of time. He also stressed the need for people to take coronavirus more seriously as we came to the end of the second lockdown period.

Speaking in Urdu Mr Patel starts by detailing that his father, Ibrahim Patel died aged 82 on October 24.

He then shows row upon graves in the Muslim section of the cemetery and eventually showing how flood lights were being used to conduct burials in the dark. He finishes by saying prayers for people of all backgrounds who have died and are buried in the cemetery.

Speaking to us this weekend Altaf said, “I go back to visit my dad’s grave regularly and when I do I see more and more freshly dug graves.

“One of my best friends died too of a heart attack recently.

“But many of these extras deaths are down to Coronavirus.

“People need to start listening. There has been more than 50 deaths in one month.

“We are not to blame the doctors or the hospitals they are trying their best. These people who sharing that hospitals are purposely killing our folk need to think again. I have got many texts of this nature and people share them without looking at the consequences.

“These are conspiracy theories are not helping our communities. These rumours are not good.”

A special video was released by Blackburn with Darwen Council featuring contributions from the Lancashire Council of Mosques and the Blackburn Muslim Burial Society.

Sayyed Osman, the council's adult services director had earlier said,“We are at risk of prematurely losing a whole generation of people who gave many sacrifices for their families and community.

“These people endured difficult lives working long hours in mills and factories to give their children and grandchildren a better life.

"Sadly, some of the younger generation are not reciprocating these sacrifices with the effort and behaviour that this older generation deserves to keep them safe.”