CONCERNS have been raised about older people being overcharged for broadband after an elderly woman’s neighbour found she was paying for services she never used.

Lisa Joyce, of Clitheroe, found that after befriending an 85-year-old neighbour during lockdown, the elderly woman was being charged £30 a month for TalkTalk broadband and mobile services, despite never using the services and not even owning a computer.

Ms Joyce then became concerned, not just for her neighbour but for the many other elderly people who may have found themselves in a similar situation.

She said: “My neighbour and myself only became friends during the pandemic and her phone is her life while she is shielding.

“I realised what had happened today when she said she was fed up with trying to contact TalkTalk so I contacted them on her behalf and was put on hold continuously.

“I feel there are thousands of older people who could be being taken advantage of.”

Ms Joyce explained that her neighbour, who wishes to remain private, has been living alone since the death of her husband five years ago and that her only use for the package has been landline services.

However, TalkTalk have said that landline-only packages are no longer an option and that offers must include mobile and broadband services regardless of whether customers intend to use them.

The elderly neighbour had struggled with trying to contact the company, being unable to use its online system and finding herself stuck on hold when trying to contact them by phone.

As such, neighbour Ms Joyce has raised the issue not just for her neighbour’s benefit but to highlight an issue that is likely to be being faced by older people across the country.

However, the company says that it is still committed to helping vulnerable customers but admitted that it no longer offers landline online services.

A TalkTalk spokesperson said: “We decided a while back to no longer offer landline-only contracts to allow us to focus on our mission.

“Our current broadband plans include line rental so customers can make calls to landlines and mobiles.”

“We understand that not all of our customers have the same requirements and do our utmost to meet their needs, especially the most vulnerable."

Ms Joyce intends to continue supporting her neighbour and hopes to eventually help her get a better deal.