A WOMAN who claimed she had changed her mind about committing a shoplifting offence was too late.

Blackburn magistrates heard Sarah Doughty had passed all payment points when she was detained and the offence was made out.

Doughty, 27, of Clement Street, Accrington, pleaded guilty to theft of packs of lamb, beef, poultry, gammon and salmon worth £104 from Tesco Extra. She was given a conditional discharge for six months and ordered to pay £85 costs and £22 victim surcharge.

Sazeeda Ismail, prosecuting, said a security officer monitoring CCTV saw Doughty placing products in a bag. She then went to the toilets before leaving without making any attempt to pay.

When she was arrested Doughty said it was a "joke," it was only a bit of meat and the shop had got it all back.

Ian Huggan, defending, said the offence had been committed in September at a time when his client was having difficulties in her life.

"She was the victim of domestic violence and that caused the end of the relationship," said Mr Huggan.

"She received hospital treatment and then ended up living in hostel accommodation and places of safety. That in turn caused problems with her benefits and it is against that background the offence was committed.

"He indication to the police was that she had changed her mind and was not going to pursue the theft but the necessary elements had already been completed."