BMW cars are being stolen and stripped to sell for parts, warn police.

Officers have received three reports of BMW cars being entered in the Walton-le-Dale area and the steering wheels and interiors being stripped out.

A spokesman for the police said: "We'd ask everyone to stay vigilant and take all reasonable steps to keep vehicles safe. Store your keys away from household entry points.

"Also, keeping your keyless entry fob out of sight is not enough, thieves only need to get close to the key to amplify the signal. Faraday Bags can be purchased online and in stores and these should prevent your signal being intercepted and your vehicle being entered or stolen.

"You can also consider using steering wheel devices such as the old style u bend/wheel locks to help prevent cars being moved or steering wheels being stolen.

"Our officers are actively targeting these types of crimes and are in your local area to deter and detect offenders."

More information and good advice on protecting your car van be found at

People are also urged to share this warning with family and friends in the area.