NINE million people in England are out of contract for their broadband and are overpaying by hundreds of pounds per year.

And Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis wants to try and save the public money on their internet costs.

On his 'The Martin Lewis Money Show Live' programme last night, he shared some top tips to help you have more money in your pocket.

In his big briefing section he said that typical fibre broadband and line rental is between £30 to £55/month - £360 or £600 per year.

He said: "All the cheap deals are for broadband and line rental combined and broadband only is costly.

"Before we start to talk about switching provider it is worth noting you may be able to haggle with your current provider.

"All the big firms will tell you the cheapest deal they will offer you at renewal but the key is that it does not include the promotions available for new customers and they are becoming a bigger part of the package.

"If you are out of contract use these deals as benchmark to go to existing provider and ask them to match it.

"If they say No then ask to leave and then you get put through to disconnections and that is where they have the real power to haggle and offer you more."

Martin said there are success stories out there with reductions with Sky 84 per cent, BT 78 per cent, Talk Talk 78 per cent and Virgin 77 per cent success rates from a poll.

He said to check the comparison site online to try to get the cheapest new customer line rent and fibre and are not from the individual provider.

They are: Shell energy (ends Sunday) - 35mb, £24 per month, get £108 bill credit and equivalent cost over contract £15 per month over a year, 63mb, £27 per month, £114 bill credit, cost over contract - £17.50 per month over a year.

Vodafone (ends Monday) - 63mb - £21.50 per month, claim £75 Amazon voucher, £18 per month over 2 years.

Virgin (ends Monday) - 106mb (only 50 per cent UK), £24 per month, £100 bill credit, £18.40 over 18 months which is the equivalent cost over contract. You may need an engineer to install

BT (ends December 3) - 50mb, 3 month free or Claim £30 Amazon or £60 Mastercard of £19.90 per month over two years.

But what happens if you have a need for higher broadband speed.

Martin said: "I know they say that is the price they advertise but it is not what you get when you get it.

"At least 50 per cent of people need get the advertised speed for them to list it and most firms will tell you an estimate of your speed before sign-up.

"You know what you should get and if you are having problems with signal you may be entitled to compensation.

"Although there are some changes to that for COVID.

"Here is a top tip, if you have a dodgy signal, get a computer you can plug into your router and do speed test and do a speed test on the WIFI and if it was fast when you plugged in and not on the WIFI then it is not probably the signal coming to your house that is the problem, it is the WIFI so ensure it is in a good place high up.

"Don't put in a cupboard or drawer and don't have obstacles in the way which will slow anything down."

If you want to find any more tips then check out the website