Once again accusations of bullying are in the news, this time they are aimed at the Home Secretary Priti Patel.

If I have interpreted the situation correctly, it now appears that bullying has morphed from subjecting a person to persistent physical abuse to expecting them to do the job they are paid, and in the case of the Home Office mandarins, very well paid to do at that.

Looking back on my life, I experienced bullying at school. While an apprentice I was given menial jobs to do and had practical jokes played on me. During my National Service, drill sergeants bawled at me. In the rest of my working life I had to deal with bosses who always wanted projects done yesterday, and colleagues who took every opportunity to be obstructive.

No doubt if today’s snowflakes, some of whom treat an angry glance as bullying, had similar experiences, they would call in sick saying they were stressed, then after 12 months or more, go running to a tribunal claiming compensation for constructive dismissal.

As for me, I just ignored it and got on with the job.

What concerns me greatly is that the civil servants claiming they have been bullied are in charge of running the country.

If they can’t take criticism and pressure, then there is very little hope for the future.

During his tenure as Home Secretary in 2006/2007, John Reid said the Home Office was not fit for purpose and little seems to have changed.

I am of the opinion that the bullying charge is being used to attack Priti Patel for insisting they take their fingers out.

Sir Humphrey (name and address supplied)