A CAMPAIGN group has produced a short video detailing their opposition to a proposed housing estate for more than 100 houses on land that has been called the jewel in the crown of Rossendale.

Taylor Wimpey has submitted an application for 131 two, three and four-bedroom properties on land east of Holcombe Road in Helmshore.

An online petition has garnered more than 1,400 signatures in a bid to protect the area from development and the Grane Residents’ Association shared its fears in a video.

Speaking on the video, member Stewart Pugh said: “We live on Grane Road and to get into our cars on a Monday to Friday morning you can stand on the pavement for two to three minutes – you just dare not go round the other side of the car for fear of being hit by oncoming traffic.

“Our cars are parked 50/50 on the pavement as otherwise there would be a huge traffic jam all the way back to the bypass. At the Holcombe Road junction near the Holden Arms, there have been many accidents, but nothing gets done with the congestion on this road. It’s an absolute nightmare living on this road and when you’re sat in the front room all you can hear is traffic noise.”

Marie-Louise Charlton added: “Patches of wet grassland on the site are of huge ecological importance. Previously drained areas for agriculture and housing have resulted in negative impacts of erosion, flooding and loss of habitat. A plethora of wild animals call this home and the value of this area to wildlife cannot be over-emphasised.”

A spokesperson for Taylor Wimpey said: “We have consulted extensively with officers, stakeholders and consultees and have revised plans accordingly over an 18-month period to meet a wide range of requirements. Our proposals include requisite infrastructure works to increase capacity and improve safety, including a new roundabout.

"With regards to wildlife, both Natural England and Greater Manchester Ecology Unit support the latest proposals, which include contributions to replacement grasslands in the wider area. Any species which are known to graze or forage on the site will be protected by a Construction Environmental Management Plan, which will be agreed with the council”

If you want to sign the petition visit http://chng.it/njn9k8cJ