TWO men have been arrested after police found a machete under a car seat.

The driver and the passenger were spotted throwing rubbish out of a car on Preston New Road in Blackburn on Monday afternoon.

Police issued them a £200 fixed penalty ticket for breaching coronavirus regulations and, while searching the car, they found a machete under the driver's seat.

A spokesman for the police said: "Officers from the Blackburn Neighbourhood Policing team were on patrol and saw the occupants of a vehicle throw rubbish out of the window on Preston New Road, Blackburn.

"The vehicle was stopped and the occupants were suitably advised and made to pick up the rubbish.

"Whilst speaking to the occupants it became clear that they didn't have a reasonable explanation for being out, in accordance with the coronavirus Regulations and the two occupants were each issued with a £200 fixed penalty ticket for breaching the regulations.

Lancashire Telegraph:

"Their day did not get any better, when further enquiries led to a search of the occupants and vehicle being conducted and a machete being located under the drivers seat. Two men arrested and currently residing at Greenbank Custody awaiting interview."