A NEW ALDI supermarket could be coming to Bacup, if plans are given the green light,

The Harris Partnership have submitted an application on behalf of the supermarket giant to Rossendale Council for the site on Henrietta Way.

The scheme will see the demolition of existing industrial building and will provide 104 car parking spaces for the foodstore.

In the planning document to the planners, it said: "Having recently been cleared following the demolition of a long derelict mill building, the site suffers from a poor quality environment comprising underutilised hardstanding and scrub vegetation.

"It currently contributes nothing to the area from a social, economic or aesthetic perspective and is ripe for redevelopment.

"The significant investment proposed by Aldi will see the redundant ‘gateway’ site redeveloped to provide a modern discount foodstore which is proportionate to future needs of Bacup.

"The scheme will dramatically enhance consumer choice and will provide much needed competition within the town’s food retail sector, reducing residents’ need to travel to the likes of Rawtenstall, Rochdale and Burnley to visit a discount foodstore.

"The Aldi foodstore is capable of functioning as a second retail anchor for the centre, which is capable of generating additional footfall and spin-off trade to the benefit of Bacup as a whole. This is particularly important given the Council’s aspirations to transform the core of the district centre into a multipurpose food and drink, events and enterprise zone as part of the 2040 Vision."

If the scheme is approved it is claimed that is will create between 40 and 50 full-time and part-time jobs on site as well as indirect jobs in construction.

In the report it added: "The proposal offers the guarantee of deliverable economic development within Bacup by a national brand (Aldi) which will help boost the local economy and will assist in attracting further investment. Indeed, the overall economic value of Aldi’s investment in Bacup is anticipated to exceed £5,000,000."

The car park will also bring five disabled spaces, nine parent and child spaces, seven staff spaces and 12 cycle spaces.