A MAN subjected his partner to a terrifying domestic violence assault in her own home.

Blackburn magistrates heard Mohammed Asad Banaras pleaded guilty to assault on the basis that he had simply pushed his partner.

But District Judge John McGarva said physical harm was not the only thing that counted in a domestic situation.

Banaras, 25, of Whitehead Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to assault. He was made subject to a community order for 24 days with 20 days rehabilitation activity requirement.

Malcolm Isherwood, prosecuting, said the victim had gone for a night out with her sister and a friend and having got dressed up and put on her make-up sent the defendant a photograph.

“He responded by calling her a slag,” said Mr Isherwood.

The victim went for a meal and then went home to “chill.”

At 4am she got a phone call from the defendant accusing her of having a man at her house. She told him to come round and he did half an hour later with his cousin.

“She went to bed and he came up at about 10.30am and wanted to be intimate with her,” said Mr Isherwood. “She said no.”

Mr Isherwood said the victim’s statement indicated her child was crying and sounded really distressed.

Mr Isherwood said: "She was having breathing difficulties and felt she was having a panic attack.”

The police arrived and he told her to tell them she was crying because her father was ill. “He did all the talking and it was only when the police took her to the car she was able to tell the truth,” said Mr Isherwood.

Kamran Yousaf, defending, said of his client: “He has no previous convictions and will not be appearing in court again."