A HUGE tipper truck was needed to clear a massive fly-tipping of waste on a street in Hyndburn.

Cllr Loraine Cox, was on a ward walk on Steiners Lane in Church and discovered the mound of waste with beds, bedding, wooden cabinets and clothing on November 4.

She sent photographs to the Environmental Services team and realised 'the scale of this dumping was something that Hyndburn Council could not deal with'.

Instead after speaking with the head of waste services a decision was made to get a private contractors to remove the waste.

Cllr Cox, who is the county councillor for Accrington North, said: “It really disappoints and frustrates me that some people feel the need to dump this much waste in Church.

"It is one of the worst cases of fly-tipping I have seen in Church and I was quite shocked at first when I saw it.

"I am really disappointed that in this day and age when we offer free bulk waste collection that people decide to do it.

"This shows how little respect these people must have for the local residents by simply dumping like this.

"When you add to this that it was the huge operation that was needed to get this cleared.

"Which all comes at a cost to the council and then ultimately back on top the taxpayers of the town.

"I was really worried about it because it is next to a park and kids may have wanted to play on it and get hurt so it was a safety issue.

"I’m always out and about in the area and will continue to work to make sure we do the best for Church."

Cllr Cox fears that this is part of a trend of dealing with a surge in fly-tipping incident in the area over the past few weeks.

She added: "At Hyndburn Borough Council we have decided to take a new approach for an old problem are now going to be using new legislation utilising Public Space Protection Orders and targeting fly tippers with a more multi agency approach.

"We have and always will have a zero tolerance approach to those who blight our towns and borough."