BURNLEY celebrity Jordan North won twelve stars in his first solo trial and got his luxury item of a Burnley scarf on tonight's I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! on ITV.

The BBC Radio 1 DJ faced his first solo trial, the Trapped Door, on tonight's show which saw him pull himself through underground tunnel on a trolley using a rope while finding 12 stars to win meals for himself and his camp mates.

Jordan agreed to do the trial and pulled himself through the tunnel where maggots rained down on him. Jordan pushed through, saying his infamous catchphrase "happy place, happy place" as more critters poured down on him.

Before the trial, Jordan had said: "I feel very very lonely right now. It's just me and my mind and I cannot overthink it.

"It's not a nice feeling leaving the guys up there in the castle, the worst feeling ever and we're such a close-knit group I don't want to let any of them down."

But he didn't let anyone down as the Clarets fan was surprised to find he had won all 12 stars, despite thinking he had only won 11.

Co-host Declan Donnelly joked: "That's like putting on your jeans and finding a fiver," but Jordan replyied it was more like "finding a tenner".

When he got back to camp, Jordan said: "There's no better feeling coming back to camp on your own and telling all your camp mates you got 12 stars.

"Their reaction was better than what I imagined. I'm elated. I'm so happy."

Jordan read out the scroll when dinner arrived which revealed they group would be eating squirrel.

Russell cooked the meal with the camp mates surprised at how much their enjoyed the food.

New camp mates Ruthie and Russell completed a task of their own during the day, pranking the camp to win luxury items, the celebrities day was made even better as they received their luxury items.

One of the tasks Ruthie was set was to get Jordan to massage her feet without looking suspicious.

The duo also purposely got the castle coin question wrong and Russell had to convince the camp mates that he has seen a ghost.

The dup managed all three tasks successfully, meaning everyone got their luxury item.

Unsurprisingly, Clarets fan Jordan had opted for a Burnley scarf, while other members of the group brought in blankets, dressing gowns, photo's and Giovanna even brought a song to the camp.

The public have voted that Sir Mo Farah will take place in Friday's trial.

You can watch Friday's episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! on ITV1 tomorrow night at 9pm.