PUPILS of Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School are celebrating kindness month by helping the community with random acts of kindness.

The Blackburn school which teaches children from three months to 18 years old, is inspiring their students to complete random acts of kindness after a difficult year and headteacher Claire Gammon is delighted by how the pupils have responded.

She said: "There have already been lots of messages from staff, parents and pupils themselves, it has been really really positive.

"I think that is one of the good things about school at the moment is that pupils want to be in school at the moment, they are really enjoying school and they have really embraced it.

"We had already decided that this year with everything going on that the best thing we can do it making sure that everyone is being extra kind to each other and hopefully after 30 days it will continue."

Each day, the school will highlight some of the different acts of kindness which have been posted in their post box.

One of the parents messages read: "My son is learning about others less fortunate and has been offering food to other family members and friends before he eats, to make sure they eat, which we tell him is a very kind thing to do."

One of the pupils message said: "I sorted out all of my books at home and gave some to my neighbour", whilst another said: "I took some time to collect rubbish that I found in the school grounds."

A staff members message read: "Mrs Southworth left a sweet treat on my desk after working together on some big projects, just to say thank you. It made me smile and was a lovely thing to do!"

While another pupil got their apron on to help the community: "I made cakes for one of my neighbours and took them around to make them smile."

The ’30 Days of Kindness Challenge’ began last Friday (November 13) and will run until Friday December 11, include a range of activities across the school including reflection, tasks and discussions on what it means to be kind and how kindness can feature in every area of school life