JORDAN North jokes he has aged five years per trial as tonight's I'm a Celebrity saw him finally get a night off from a trial.

The public voted tonight for tomorrows trial The Trapped Door which will again for the Burnley radio star face the trial.

After being told in last night's show by co-hosts Ant and Dec that all of the camp would take part in the trial, the camp mates all speculated what the trial would entail.

Jordan joked: "I've done every trial. I reckon each Trial ages you five years so I'm well over 50 now."

In tonights show, the celebrities joined Ant & Dec in a large castle room with a stage and were over the moon to discover they wouldn’t be doing the Trial but watching it.

Dec told the celebrities they could sit back and enjoy the show as new camp mates Ruthie and Russell would be doing the Trial which had three different rounds with 12 stars in total up for grabs.

Ant and Dec asked for some advice from the celebs who have already completed a trial, picking out Jordan after he has already completed both of the public voted trials.

Jordan said: "Don't overthink it. Go to your happy place," sparking laughter from the rest of the celebrities, while the BBC DJ shrugged, after the co-hosts repeated his words with a joke like tone.

During the first round, Ruthie was covered in over 225kg of rotten tomatoes and Russell had to find the joke punchlines in barrels of slime, maggots, rotten vegetables and fish guts.

Part two of the trial 'Eye Scream' was worth two stars where the new celebrities had to transfer 3 fish eyes from a large bowl into an ice cream tub and then crush a fish eye over the tub

In the final part of the trial, Ruthie and Russell had to wear clear large trousers over their outfit which were filled with crickets and cockroaches.

Wearing head-phones they had to dance to iconic songs and their fellow camp mates had to guess what the song was.

The duo gained 11 out of a possible 12 stars for the camp, with the current group giving the pair a hero's welcome when they arrived at camp, before sitting down to a meal of oxtail.

Later in the evening, Shane decided to scare Jordan as he went to the toilet by throwing stones on the toilet roof as he was inside before jumping out at him.