CCTV shows the shocking moment a Range Rover deliberately reverses into a Saab smashing its rear end into the front of a house.

At around 2am on Wednesday emergency services were called to Honey Hole in Blackburn after receiving reports that a car had been 'shunted' directly into the front of a house, smashing through brickwork and entering the kitchen.

Fire crews from Blackburn were sent to the address to help assess the damage to the building and evacuate the residents before the housing association were called.

Lancashire Telegraph:

There were four children and one adult in the house at the time but luckily no-one was hurt.

A spokesperson for the fire service said: "We were called to an incident in which a car had been shunted into the front of a house.

"It's caused damage to the brickwork and the car has gone straight into the kitchen.

"The sink and cupboards came away from the wall.

"The housing association were called and a structural engineer was due to attend this morning.

"The police are now investigating this as a crime."

Lancashire Telegraph:

In CCTV footage from a house opposite, a Range Rover can be seen making its way into the quiet cul-de-sac before attempting a three point turn in the road.

However, instead of carefully carrying out the manoeuvre, the Range Rover backs into the Saab, shunting it into the front of a house.

The driver can then be seen getting out, checking the damage to the back of his vehicle, getting back in the Range Rover and deliberately reversing it into the Saab for a second time, before driving off.

According to the resident, the car hit the sink and sent it flying to the other side of the kitchen.

She and her four children had to leave the property and remain in a car outside until the structural engineers arrived at around 10am.

The mum of four, who did not wish to be named, said she was awoken at 1am by a loud crashing sound: “When I got to the window the vehicle was reversing back into the car a second time.

“We had to leave the property when the fire brigade arrived and we have been outside since then.”

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the family had to sit in a car outside the property speaking to fellow neighbours who had come to their assistance.

The resident added: “I can’t get in. We are not allowed back into the property until the structural engineers have been here to survey the property.

“The kitchen is a complete mess. It is just ridiculous the whole thing.

"Who would do this knowing young kids are in the house?

“Hopefully we will get reaccommodated but we don’t think we will back in the house before Christmas.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

A resident living across the road said: "I was woken at about 1am after hearing a loud bang.

"That Saab was mine, it was my pride and joy, I'm really annoyed."

A spokesperson for the police said: "We were called about 1.55am to reports that a vehicle had gone into a house.

"The car has been left in situ until the structural engineers can attend.

"No arrests have been made.

"Anyone with any information about the incident should contact us on 101 quoting log number 74 of November 18."

Lancashire Telegraph: