POLICE are trying to identify a driver who clipped a police van before hiding the car in the 'worst attempt' of a camouflage.

The driver of the car had evaded officers on Saturday (November 14) evening after being involved in suspicious circumstances.

They again managed to evade police last night (November 15), but clipped a police van in the process.

It was then found later by officers who say the vehicle was found 'in possibly the worst attempt at camouflage' the officer has ever seen

On Nelson, Brierfield and Barrowford Police's facebook page, they joked that the persons 'hide and seek skills require improvement'.

A spokesperson for the police said: "Team 1 have been conducting enquiries in relation to the recent burglaries in Nelson and Brierfield and, in doing so came across a vehicle involved in suspicious circumstances the night before which had evaded officers. It did so again tonight, clipping a police van in the process.

"Keen eyes have fortunately found the car in possibly the worst attempt at camouflage I’ve ever seen.

"Naturally the car has no documents but no doubt CSI can work their magic and the driver can be traced and dealt with appropriately."