East Lancashire author Christina Gabbitas will be streaming the launch of her new book children across Blackburn with Darwen live from Blackburn Library.

On November 20, Ms Gabbitas will launch her new book, entitled Believe in the Magic of Blackburn Town Centre, which is a story about two children, Imtiaz and Peggy who visit Blackburn Museum with their step-mum Heidi.

During the visit, Peggy and Imtiaz try to catch a gold coin they see rolling down a secret passageway in the Egyptian room at the museum.

But the coin keeps on rolling, and as they chase it, it takes them back in time to an 1800s Blackburn town centre.

The children visit many of Blackburn's landmarks before realising their journey back in time is about bringing magic back to the future.

Ms Gabbitas said: “I took inspiration from Blackburn’s history and the Hart family.

"Edward Hart had a love of the written word and was an avid collector of books and coins.

"I was amazed to learn that Blackburn Museum has the largest Gold Roman Emperor Collection outside of London.

"The family also bequeathed so much to Blackburn, including buying Witton Park, with Edward leaving his collection to the town and donating thousands to the council.

“I spent many happy years visiting all these locations including the wonderful library where my mum used to take me each week.

"We would visit the library and then sit in the grounds of the cathedral to eat our sandwiches.

"I loved visiting the market and the Sarsaparilla stall was my favourite.”

Ms Gabbitas was commissioned by Blackburn BID to see if she could write a story that could help bring magic back into the town centre.

To learn more and to find out where to buy the book visit believeinmagicbtc.com.