A RENEWABLE energy project has been shortlisted for an award at the Solar and Storage Live Awards, for helping tenants to reduce their CO2 emissions and save money on their bills.

Known as Domestic Low Carbon Community Energy Solutions, the innovative project , which has seen the installation of solar panels on 250 homes in Nelson and Colne, is estimated to be saving each household up to 60 percent on their electricity bills, as well as an average saving of 845kg of CO2 emissions per year.

The £2million project, has seen Together Housing installing battery storage units on homes to boost the generation of power used to 70-80 percent, with tenants having a period of up to eight months over spring and summer where the system can provide almost all their usage, while still contributing towards bills in winter.

Managing director of Together Energy, Patrick Berry, said: “The technology works dynamically to meet demand for power in the property and to maximise how much of the generated electricity can be used by the resident.

“Typically, households with solar panels only use a third of the energy generated, with the surplus going to the National Grid. This is because the energy can only be generated and used during the hours of daylight, often when the house is empty.

“The beauty of battery storage is that power generated during the day can be stored and used when it is needed, even after the sun goes down.”

The winners of the Solar and Storage Awards will be announced during an online event in December. For more information on Together Energy, visit smartenergytogether.co.uk.