EMERGENCY services were called to St Ives Road in Blackburn on Friday night after receiving reports that someone had fallen into Knuzden Brook.

While no details have been confirmed by the police, the incident sparked debate on social media after Hyndburn Councillor Glen Harrison was contacted about the state of the railings next to the brook.

Cllr Harrison said: "The railings on St Ives Road I think were hit by a vehicle a while ago.

"But there was an accident on Friday night which probably could've been prevented had the railings not been damaged. Unfortunately, this seems to be on Blackburn Council's land and not Hyndburn's so I have been in touch with the council and asked them to get the railings fixed."

Lancashire Telegraph:

A spokesperson for Shad Chefs, who took images at the scene on Friday evening said: "We're not really sure what happened. At first we were told there was a child involved, but then someone else said it was a man.

"The police and fire service were only there about an hour and we haven't heard anything since. If there was someone involved we hope they're ok.

"The railings have been damaged there for a while though, so it's pretty dangerous if you're walking past at night."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Rebecca Ramsay who runs Doing it for Dylan, a water safety campaign named after her son who drowned in a reservoir, said the railings needed to be replaced or fixed as soon as possible before someone is seriously hurt.

She said: "I'm pretty angry that this has been left like this. I'd hate for a child or anyone to fall into the water. I hope the railings are fixed soon."

Regeneration boss at Blackburn with Darwen Council, Cllr Phil Riley said: "I spoke with Cllr Harrison on Saturday and on Monday we will look at who is responsible for the land and if it is Blackburn's we will get something done."

A spokesperson for the police said: "We were called around 8.10pm on Friday November 13 to St Ives Road, Blackburn, to reports of concern for safety.

"When emergency services attended it transpired a group of kids had been seen splashing in the water but when challenged by the caller had run away.

"Nobody had fallen in/been seen struggling in the water."