VILLAGERS have spoken of their disgust after 2,000 nitrous oxide canisters were left behind by illegal ravers alongside broken glass bottles and other rubbish.

One woman said she was forced to turn around and walk back the way she came after seeing all the broken glass, fearing her dog may become injured if she were to continue under the section of the M65 bridge, close to Hapton, where the gathering took place.

Another said: “We walk along here all the time with the kids, thank goodness I knew the state it was in because I would have hated to stumble across this while I had them with me. It’s a total disgrace.”

Officers were forced to close off a section of the motorway in the early hours of Sunday, November 1, after they encountered close to 100 people.

When the police arrived some people started throwing items at the officer, while others tried to escape by running across the M65.

Officers are continuing to investigate the incident and are keen to hear from anyone with information – particularly about the organisers of the event.

Council chiefs have since spoken out about the dangers of nitrous oxide.

A Burnley Council spokesman said: “People using nitrous oxide can fall unconscious and suffocate because of a lack of oxygen, and it can prove fatal.

“Thanks to the hard work of ward and parish councillors, and our street scene team and partners Urbaser, the site has been cleaned up.

“But it highlights a far wider issue around the misuse of nitrous oxide.

“It can be bought legally and is used in the drink and food industries and so it is relatively easily accessible.

“However, it is classed as a psychoactive drug and is covered by the 2016 Psychoactive Substances Act and there are stiff penalties for its misuse.

“To find out more about nitrous oxide visit”

Call police on 101.