A GRASSROOTS live music pub is in "imminent danger" of closing without support according to the Music Venue Trust.

Arden Inn in Accrington is one of 30 venues that have been marked as being in jeopardy with a fundraiser being set up to save the venue.

Landlord Andrew Jackson said: "The Arden Inn is a small but unique fixture in Accrington, and we are in danger of losing live music permanently. Please help us prevent that happening”

Music Venue Trust (MVT), which represents hundreds of small music venues, has announced a new phase of its #saveourvenues campaign, which will be focused on securing the future of 30 venues who were ineligible to receive funding from, or wholly or partially unsuccessful in their application to, the recent government backed Cultural Recovery Fund.

Andrew said: "At the Arden Inn we have seen hundreds of bands from all over the North West even some from Wales, Bath and Forest of Dean who also played Glastonbury.

"The local music scene will never be the same if any live music venues close or lose the live music aspect. You can’t imagine going on a night out without music. At this moment in time we need a bit of help from the public to survive.

"If we are allowed to open with restrictions it’s worse than being closed, the rule of six is ridiculous, if households can’t mix in a pub it will cost more to open than to stay closed."

The new ‘Traffic Light’ campaign will highlight over 300 Green venues which are considered safe until March 31, over 200 Amber venues which are risk of closure between now and March 31 without additional support and 30 Red venues which are at imminent danger of permanent closure, which includes the Arden Inn.

A range of targeted activity under the #saveourvenues banner has been announced, based around a combined effort by audiences, local communities, local councils and the creative community to prevent the permanent closure of these remaining GMVs.

Mark Davyd, CEO of Music Venue Trust, said, “What the #saveourvenues campaign has achieved during the last eight months is truly remarkable.

"Thanks to the efforts of music fans, local communities and the wider music sector we have raised over £3m in donations and have unlocked over £80m in government assistance to help stave off the imminent closure of over 400 grassroots music venues.

"We are now focusing exclusively on those 30 remaining venues which face immediate permanent closure."