POLICE officers from Accrington will not be stationed at a new briefing centre in Pendle despite being included in a planning application.

Last week, the Lancashire Telegraph reported on plans for a new multi-million pound centre which has been mooted for a former recreation ground on Carr Road in Nelson, off the M65.

The three-storey office building, multi-storey car park and communications mast are planned for the former Seedhill home of Nelson FC.

The Pendle Briefing Base will accommodate 107 operational staff and 70 administrative support staff across a range of shifts.

In the planning documents, a report said: “The existing Nelson, Colne and Accrington stations potentially could be closed and disposed of.

“However, the police uplift announced by government means that the future for these buildings may change or be reviewed.”

There were concerns raised about the possibility of the closure of Accrington station in Broadway.

However, Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw says the Accrington officers would be staying put.

He added: “Any development of a new briefing base for the Pendle area would not involve the potential for the closure of Accrington police station.

“Accrington station should not have been referenced within the ongoing planning process for any new site in Pendle and will not be closed in relation to any future development.

“Accrington is policed separately to Pendle and officers will not be moved from their current location and there will be no changes to how the area is policed.

“No decision has been made on the closure of any stations within the east of the county and we consistently review the estate across the whole of Lancashire to ensure it meets the standards required and operational needs of Lancashire Constabulary, to help tackle crime and keep people safe.”

Leader of Hyndburn Council, Cllr Miles Parkinson said: “I am very pleased that the clarification has come through. I don’t know who has put that information into the report to planners and for some reason Accrington was included. It will come as a relief to some people who may have thought the officers would be leaving Accrington.”