Shocking footage has emerged showing two men repeatedly throwing what looks like two pups into a canal.

The videos, shared on Facebook on Sunday, show two men in hooded tracksuit tops making their way along the canal close to Finsley Gate in Burnley.

The dogs, which are dark in colour and look very small, are grabbed by the neck, swung round and then launched in the water.

One video even shows the dogs trying to swim and stay afloat, before one man drags them out of the canal and then proceeds to throw them back in again.

Lancashire Telegraph:

A passer-by, who shot the footage said: "Two idiots walking down the canal making these dogs swim then grabbing them by the neck, swinging round in circles throwing them in the air and back in the water. Nasty.

"The police were called and they sent patrols out."

The footage was shared more than 500 times on Facebook and garnered more than 400 comments, most condemning the actions of the men.

One Facebook user said: "Oh my god this is awful, those poor dogs."

With another commenting: "What absolute w******, do they know the temperature of the water at this time of the year? It can put your dog into shock."

A spokesperson for the police said: "It looks like we were called at around 3.15pm on November 8, to reports two men had been seen repeatedly throwing a pair of dogs into the canal close to Finsley Gate, Burnley.

"We attended but found no trace of the men, however enquiries are ongoing.

"Anybody with information is asked to get in touch with us on 101, quoting log 848 of November 8."