A major search and rescue operation was carried out on Saturday night after a man became stranded out at sea. 

Just before 8.30pm, emergency services, which included police, the coastguard and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution were called to an incident close to Morecambe after a man became stranded 1km offshore. 

The police's drone team assisted with the rescue of the man who was brought safely to shore on the RNLI hovercraft.

Lancashire Telegraph:

A spokesperson for the police said: "On Saturday, police in Morecambe along with lifeboat crews and the drone team, assisted with the rescue of a male 1km out at sea, who was brought back to safety with police on the RNLI hovercraft."

Two vessels had to be launched by the RNLI before the man was found.

Lancashire Telegraph:

A spokesperson for Morecambe RNLI said: "Last night we were tasked by Her Majesty's Coastguard at 8.25pm.

"Both vessels conducted a search of the area and located a casualty, they were safely brought to shore by the RNLI.

"Our thanks to Morecambe Coastguard, Arnside Coastguard and Lancashire Constabulary for a successful multi-agency rescue."

Lancashire Telegraph: