Are you looking for an cheap house in East Lancashire?

Luckily for you, there are plenty of affordable options in the county- especially if you head to Burnley which is home to some of the cheapest properties on the market right now.

According to Zoopla, the average house price in Burnley is £120,999- and every property on this list is at least £83K cheaper than this average.

Here are five of the cheapest Burnley properties for sale on Zoopla right now (not including those being sold via auction)- do any of them spark your interest?

Hunslet Street

Lancashire Telegraph: Hunslet Street (Photo: Zoopla)Hunslet Street (Photo: Zoopla)

Right now, this is the most affordable property on Zoopla.

The two bedroom house is listed at less than £20K- it also has a kitchen and lounge area.

However, it’s clear to see why it is so affordable.

It is in need of a complete refurbishment and every room requires redecoration.

However, if you’re looking for an investment property and a project to work on during lockdown then this could be the ideal place for you.

If you want to learn more, visit the Zoopla listing.

Alwin Street

Lancashire Telegraph: Alwin Street (Photo: Zoopla)Alwin Street (Photo: Zoopla)

This property is close to local amenities and travel links.

It has two bedrooms and also benefits from two reception rooms.

Lancashire Telegraph: A look inside the property (Photo: Zoopla)A look inside the property (Photo: Zoopla)

Externally, there is a fully enclosed yard which can be enjoyed during the warmer months.

Curious to learn more? Visit the Zoopla listing.

Laithe Street

Lancashire Telegraph: Laithe Street (Photo: Zoopla)Laithe Street (Photo: Zoopla)

This property is described as the ideal place for a first time buyer or an investory.

It hastwo bedrooms, one bathroom and one reception room.

Lancashire Telegraph: The property needs to be redecorated (Photo: Zoopla)The property needs to be redecorated (Photo: Zoopla)

While it is a bargain price, once you take a look inside, it’s clear to see that redecoration is essential and that the property is in need of a complete refurbishment.

View the full property listing on Zoopla.

Pritchard Street

Lancashire Telegraph: Pritchard Street property (Photo: Zoopla)Pritchard Street property (Photo: Zoopla)

On the market for a two bedroom property that is also affordable?

Unlike previous properties on this list, this house has been fully renovated to an “excellent” standard.

Lancashire Telegraph: The kitchen is newly fitted (Photo: Zoopla)The kitchen is newly fitted (Photo: Zoopla)

The kitchen is new and has a modern aesthetic.

Want to learn more? Visit Zoopla.

Florence Street

Lancashire Telegraph: Outside the property (Photo: Zoopla)Outside the property (Photo: Zoopla)

This two bedroom terraced property is close to local amenities and public transport.

However, the property is in need of some work.

Lancashire Telegraph: The property needs a bit of work... (Photo: Zoopla)The property needs a bit of work... (Photo: Zoopla)

It will require some redecoration in order to modernise the space- some new carpets may also be in order.

View this property on Zoopla.