A TEENAGER who sexually assaulted a woman while trying to rob her, saying he would ‘rape and kill her’ if she didn’t shut up, has been jailed for more than six years.

Daniel Swarbrick was 17 when he committed the offences in Burnley on the evening of December 13 last year.

At a hearing at Preston Crown Court, the court was told how Swarbrick, now 18, had also been carrying a knife at the time, which had been used to cut his victim on the hand and face.

Prosecuting, Sara Haque said: “The victim had been on a night out in Burnley, at a Christmas do, and after going to the cash point at around 11.15pm she decided she would walk home.

“It was raining and as she made her way up Manchester Road she had a feeling someone was following her.

“She turned around and the defendant was behind her. She said it made her feel nervous.”

The court heard how the woman continued walking towards Healey Wood Road but when she looked over her shoulder again, the defendant had vanished.

However, she soon heard footsteps and noticed he had returned so decided to walk in the opposite direction, back towards the main road in the hope it would be busier.

Ms Haque said: “He shouted something to her, and she began to run and he chased her."

Swarbrick then pushed her into some railings, grabbing at her bag.

“She pulled her phone out and tried to call 999 but he grabbed the phone off her. When she cried out for help he told her, ‘shut up or I am going to kill you’.”

Swarbrick pulled his victim’s top up over her head and began grabbing at her breasts from underneath her bra.

He then said to her, ‘I am going to rape you’, before thrusting his hand down her pants and grabbing her.

Ms Haque added: “She fought back and kicked him in the groin but he pushed her to the floor and starting pulling her along the road. At this point she let go of her bag and he grabbed it and ran off."

Swarbrick, of Oxford Road, Burnley, admitted two counts of sexual assault, one count of possession of a bladed article, and one count of robbery in relation to the incidents on December 13.

He also admitted robbery and possession of a bladed article in relation to an incident at Sakha’s food store on Every Street in Nelson the following day.

In his defence, Robert Elias said his client was vulnerable and naive, and had committed the offences because he was in debt.

Swarbrick was given six-and-a-half years in prison, and order to serve an extra 18 months on extended licence on his release.

Det Insp Andy Horne, of Lancashire Police, said: “Daniel Swarbrick is a dangerous and predatory offender who showed a complete disregard for those he attacked.

“The first victim was followed and subjected to a sustained sexual assault which left her both terrified and traumatised.

“A day later he attempted to rob a shop in Nelson, threatening a worker with a large knife.

“His blatant disregard for the law and threat of harm leaves a custodial sentence as the only option and we welcome the court's decision."