A BAKEWARE boom has helped power a rare economic success story in recent months, with What More UK set to be amongst the few firms recruiting new staff.

This comes despite the economic devastation wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, which in fact may have contributed to the surge in interest in baking, which homeware company What More UK has been poised to cater too.

Now, the firm is looking to take on another six members of staff in addition to the 35 already recruited since lockdown.

Director Tony Grimshaw OBE said: “We’re not worried about finding great staff.

“We’re situated right in the traditional heartland of British manufacturing.

“The Lancashire labour force is legendary for its skill, determination, and absolute dedication to the task at hand.

“Lancashire folk are people who get the job done!”

This comes despite government predictions that the national unemployment rate is set to double in the next 12 months from 4.1% to around 8% due to the impact of the virus.

However, the manufacturing sector, which What More is part of, still accounts for 45% of UK exports and will be key to spearheading the economic recovery.

This again is where the Burnley firm has been playing its part, recent announcing export deals with Sri Lanka, Costa Rica and Senegal, bringing its total number of export destinations to 75.

Closer to home the company manufacturer household products ranging from bakeware, kitchenware and gardenware to home office equipment.

The surge in bakeware sales has been driven domestically by people taking up baking due to being confined in their homes by lockdown regulations, with research carried out by Britainlovesbaking.com finding that 71% of people in the UK are now baking more than once a week compared with just 31% before lockdown.

This is likely to increase further as a second lockdown comes into effect from November 5 and with the festive season looming.

For more information about What More UK, including contact details for job applicants, visit: www.whatmoreuk.com.