A BOROUGH'S Labour councillors and supporters have written to Chancellor Rishi Sunak calling for extra cash help for people left out of previous lockdown financial packages.

The letter from Rishton ward's Kate Walsh is signed by Hyndburn Council leader Miles Parkinson, former MP Graham Jones and 29 other councillors and activists from the borough.

It says: "When the UK entered the first lockdown in March there were three million residents that found themselves excluded from the financial help that had been put into place.

"On Saturday the government announced a ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown. For many members of the excluded community who were just about managing this is a devastating blow.

"We are asking that the Treasury consider financial support for the those previously excluded; a small discretionary grant for those within the community experiencing financial hardship to support them through this second lockdown."

Hyndburn Conservative MP Sara Britcliffe said: "My personal priority throughout this crisis has been to ensure those who are worried about their health, the health of loved ones, their jobs, their businesses and their financial security are supported.

"I do think Hyndburn Labour would be better spending their time making sure the funding they have is spent supporting the very people they are referring to instead of writing letters asking for funding they already have or will be getting."

A Treasury spokesman said: "We have supported people and businesses across the UK since the start of the pandemic through our package of grants, loans and our furlough scheme.

"We have extended our financial support across the UK to help millions of people."