Police have warned parents that incidents in which missiles are being thrown at moving cars are on the rise after a patrol vehicle had its window smashed in a targeted attack.

On Friday evening a marked police car had a number of objects launched at its windows, which caused damage to the driver's side window.

The incident happened at around 7pm close to the McDonald's in Colne.

A group of boys, who police say looked around 16-years-old were spotted in the area but ran off in the direction of the retail park towards Mason Street/Windy Bank.

Fortunately, the driver was not injured, but officers have said incidents of this nature are becoming more frequent.

A spokesperson for the police said: "This is becoming more frequent lately with missiles targeting innocent motorists.

"This is an appeal to parents and carers of youngsters. Do you know where your child is? Do you know what they are doing? Who they are with?

"This incident is not acceptable, it could have been yours or a relative’s car that was targeted and the consequences could have been much worse."

Enquiries remain ongoing and anyone with information as to who was responsible for the incident is asked to email 3272@lancashire.police.uk.