STRIKES planned by fuel tanker drivers that could have impacted Euro Garages along with several other North West fuel retailers have been called off.

The action had originally been proposed by drivers in opposition to their employer Hoyer Petrolog’s proposals to make six of its 28 drivers at the Stanlow Oil refinery in Cheshire redundant and to replace them with agency workers.

However, the Unite union now says that the strikes have been called off following an agreement with management, the terms of which have remained confidential.

Unite regional officer Steve Gerrard said: “The discussions were very constructive from both sides and both parties are pleased with the overall outcome.

“Unite and the company have agreed to better engagement and dialogue going forward to avoid potential disputes.

“Our members were balloted on the agreement this morning and were unanimously in favour.

“The positive engagement between Unite and the company shows the value of becoming a trade union member.”

The drivers employed at Hoyer are responsible for delivering petrol from the Stanlow oil refinery in Cheshire to numerous retail outlets across the north and north west.

Tanker drivers have had to continue working throughout the entire pandemic era in order to make sure that fuel retailers remain fully stocked.

Along with Blackburn-headquartered Euro Garages, other suppliers that could have been disrupted had action gone ahead include Shell, Esso, BP, Essar, World Fuel Services (WFS), Motor Fuel Group (MFG), Rontec and Green Energy.

As a result, the strike, originally planned to begin on November 2, would have caused considerable disruption to fuel suppliers, road users and the aviation industry across the North of England.

However, Unite representatives met with the company on Thursday 29 October and say that the ensuing talks were very positive and could pave the way for a solution.