A group of neighbours have been dishing out leaflets in an attempt to halt a major housing development on land near where they live.

People living in Pennine Road and Fieldfare Way in Bacup managed to get land known as the Back Meadows listed as an asset of community value back in February, after carrying out protests and starting petitions to save the green space near their homes.

In achieving this it gave them biding time to try and raise funds to purchase the land, but unfortunately they were unable to do so.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Now, McDermott Homes, who plan to build 71 new houses on the site, have instructed Pegasus Group to conduct a survey around Fieldfare Way to ask residents their opinions on the proposed development.

Janet Boon, who sits on the Pennine/Fieldfare Way Residents Association said: "Local residents have had the benefit of this land for over 40 years and class it as 'green space'.

"During this pandemic it's been a natural area for dog walking, jogging, horse riding, kids playing and escaping from the confines of their homes.

"Lots of homes do not have front or rear gardens and this is OUR green space.

"We have posted 200 leaflets around Pennine and Fieldfare as the leaflet attached from Pegasus has not gone to nearly enough homes to advise of this proposed development.

"We need as many people as possible to know about it before it goes to the council planning and they approve it."

Lancashire Telegraph:

The land known as the Back Meadows, historically had three different owners - Rossendale Council, McDermott Homes and John Pursglove; and Mrs Boon said there was contention over what Rossendale Borough Council had preliminary agreed with McDermott Homes.

She added: "We do not have enough evidence to prove that the council are going to sell this land at a considerably reduced cost to McDermott's and they will not confirm or deny that this has already been agreed.

"But it's not just the price, it's the fact that the community use it - we have done for a very long time and the area has seen new homes built all around and we are getting hemmed in with no green space at all.

Lancashire Telegraph:

"This does not just affect residents on Fieldfare Way, it will have a major impact on homes backing on to this area on Pennine Road and Douglas Road, while also affecting the whole community.

"We need people to tell McDermott Homes and Pegasus why the Back Meadows should not be built upon."

Residents wishing to take part in the survey should email: fieldfare@pegasusgroup.co.uk by November 4, or post to: Queens House, Queen Street, Manchester, M2 5HT.