A GROUP of volunteers from Shadsworth are taking trick or treating to you to get around the ban on the activity this Halloween.

Shane Calvert, David Adams, Lee Rennox, Lee Monk, Graham Turner and Craig Shankley will be getting dressed up to deliver the sweets to people's doorsteps, as to comply with Covid guidelines.

The six men are planning on visiting homes in Whitebirk, Shadsworth, Intack, Romney Walk and Abbots Clough and will be live streaming the event so families can see when the men arrive on their street.

Shane said: "We decided we are going to get dressed up and we are going to trick or treat the kids instead.

"The kids are really excited for it, the parents have shown them what we are doing. A lot of the kids have been really upset about it because it's a big thing for them.

"That's what its all about it's all for the kids. We're big kids as well so we are excited to get dressed up."

The community has donated bags, tubs and boxes of sweets and Halloween bags to help the volunteers put their plan into action.

The group will be wearing gloves, using hand sanitiser and will be socially distancing whilst delivering the bags and hope that families will be excited watching them online to drop the delivery at their house.

So far they have put 300 bags together but have another 100 bags available. If they are delivering more sweets than that they will be filling up the sweet boxes and placing these on doorsteps instead.

They will be setting off at 4.30pm from Abbots Clough, finishing up in Whitebirk and if there are any sweets left, they will have a 'Mad Hour' where they will go live and ask people to send their address with a hope they can get more sweets out to children around the neighbourhood.