EAST Lancashire could soon get another pet crematorium.

The owner of a doggy day care centre on a farm in Oswaldtwistle now wants to add a funeral element for owners.

Last year William Holden gained planning permission for the canine supervision and exercise centre at Higher Bold Venture Farm in Haslingden Old Road.

Now he has applied to Hyndburn Council for planning permission for a new building for the respectful disposal of family pets.

The move has been cautiously welcomed by borough leader Cllr Miles Parkinson and Oswaldtwistle's County Cllr Peter Britcliffe as 'interesting'.

A supporting statement by ML Planning Consultancy Ltd says: "The application site is an extension to an existing doggy day care facility and is part an agricultural field south of the farm, on the moorland area,.

"The access is along Red Shell Lane.

"The applicant has established the current doggy day care, which has become very successful as a farm diversification project.

"The provision of a pet cremation facility will further enhance the diversification project.

"The cremation service would provide rural employment and generate additional income at the farm.

"The applicant wishes to erect a small building immediately adjacent the doggy day care field, and accessed via that area on foot, and with vehicle access for the site operators using tractors and trailers, therefore no hard road or hard standing is proposed

"The building will be clad in green box profile tin sheets cladding. The extended area will be fenced off with stock proof fencing

"The proposed pet crematorium will be operated by the family currently running the doggy day care.

"The pets will be collected from vets in the local area twice a week, by the applicants.

"Provision of pet cremation services is a niche market, providing rural employment and providing a much sought-after service.

"There will be a negligible amount of increased traffic movements.

"The proposal would aid in the continued viability of the farm.

"The design, scale location of the building would not result in any negative impacts upon the character of the rural landscape."

Cllr Parkinson said: "This is an interesting idea and one which deserved close examination."

Cllr Britcliffe said: "As the borough council leader said, this is an interesting idea which merits further consideration.

"There are many people who want a respectful send-off for their beloved pets and somewhere to come and remember them."