Please may I respond to Observer who wrote that it makes him smile to see lone drivers wearing masks in their cars.

It’s good to know that we are bringing you cheer, Observer!

However, my reason for wearing a mask while on my own in the car is because I’m being vigilant in trying to protect myself and others.

If I am driving to a destination where a mask will be required eg hospital, shops, library etc I sanitise my hands at home, put on the mask, drive to the destination and I am already masked up.

I will then keep the mask on until I reach home again. Minimum mask handling.

I do this because I am concerned at the number of people who only put a mask on at their destination and in the interim may have touched something infected and then take it off as they come out without sanitising their hands.

Also I see a large number of people who, when they are out shopping, will take their mask off between shops, putting it on again as they enter the next shop.

We are strongly advised to handle our masks as little as possible and sanitise hands before and after touching them.

So Observer, I’m quite happy to continue to make you smile and no offence taken at being called a Lone Ranger - after all he was one of the good guys wasn’t he?

Margaret Broadfoot