BUSINESSES from around the county are being presented with an opportunity to build a support network of like minded leaders through a new government-backed programme.

Peer Networks, which is being funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and led locally by Boost; Lancashire’s Business Growth Hub, aims to bring together business leaders to collaborate and overcome problems they may have in common.

The scheme is open to Lancashire businesses more than a year old, which employ more than five people and have a turnover of more than £100,000.

Boost programme manager Andrew Leeming said: “At a time when Lancashire is working hard to overcome the deep economic challenges brought about by coronavirus, we’re proud to be working with government to give the county’s business leaders the chance to come together, share knowledge and overcome common issues.

“We have a huge amount of business talent, insight and experience already within the county.

“Giving businesses the platform to learn from each other and apply that gained knowledge in a structured way will help us tackle the short-term challenges and position Lancashire for further long-term growth.

“We have chosen 17 networks who we know will each facilitate a targeted, meaningful Peer Networks cohort and give our businesses the tools to help each other to thrive.”

The scheme aims to help small and medium sized enterprises build resilience against an economic backdrop that has become hugely challenging due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and has been backed by the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership.

Chairman Steve Fogg said: “Over recent months, both the public and private sectors have responded brilliantly to unprecedented economic challenges, working together to build resilience and put Lancashire on the path to recovery.

“Bringing the whole county together through government funding delivered by an alliance of high-quality local networks under the Peer Networks programme will help better position Lancashire for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead over the coming months and years.”

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