THREE women went round to the house where one's ex-partner was staying to "sort things out" ended up smashing a window.

Blackburn magistrates heard Kimberley Anne McCabe repeatedly banged on the door in the early hours damaging the door and smashing a window.

McCabe, 33, of Bradley Road East, Nelson, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to the front door and window of a house in Lonsdale Street, Nelson. She was given a conditional discharge for six months and ordered to pay £50 compensation.

Sazeeda Ismail, prosecuting, said the defendant's ex-partner was staying at a friend's when she heard banging at the front door.

"She looked out to see the defendant and two other women," said Miss Ismail.

"They were banging repeatedly on the door until it eventually broke. She then broke a window with her elbow."

Mark Williams, defending, said his client described it as a "silly" incident.

"She had been drinking and in her words her behaviour was ridiculous," said Mr Williams.

"There had been something of a fall out which didn't involve the householder.

"The other person who was at the house had been goading them and they went round to sort out the issues."

Mr Williams said his client wasn't arrested at the scene but went to the police station the following day and handed herself in.