Police seized SIX vehicles and prosecuted their owners for having no insurance in just ONE afternoon.

The cars were stopped on Thursday as officers set up roadside safety checks at the side of the B&Q in Nelson.

As well as the seizures, they also stopped a number of other vehicles and dealt with one for a hand brake failure, one for having a bald tyre, one for having an insecure load, one for overload prohibitions, one where the occupants wasn't wearing a seat belt, and one for failing to display the front number plate.

PC Matt Lunney from the neighbourhood team in Nelson said: "When we have spoken to you, the public, you tell us road safety is a real issue.

"So we conducted these roadside checks.

"You will have read in the morning that all vehicles in Laneshawbridge that were stopped were insured.

"This was not the case in the afternoon.

"When you, the public, tell us what the issues are it leads us to having results like this, thus your help is imperative, and we thank you for talking to us.

"As for the motorists who constantly think it is ok to drive with vehicles in a dangerous condition or without insurance - we will come, and we will find your vehicle and take this from you, and you will answer to the Magistrates Court.

"Most of the road community pay for their insurance and so should you, a ‘traders’ policy must not be used as a way of free/no insurance.

"We are also listening to your concerns regarding speeding vehicles in and around Pendle, we will be out with the speed enforcement device in the coming days/weeks/months.

"Again, thanks for those who communicate with us on Facebook and Lancashire Talking."