Every week we read about yet more plans for building on green field sites. Now it is Hyndburn Council’s turn, this time for industry between Rishton and Whitebirk.

The government should be insisting builders renovate or replace existing empty buildings in towns for housing and industry before they even think about green field sites. And should be made easier and cheaper for councils to take over unused buildings that have been left to rot.

What we need are small scale businesses on small sites not huge corporations with large warehouses taking up swathes of land that can hold councils to ransom because of the amount of people they employ.

The new government planning reforms do not ensure decent affordable housing will be built without encroaching on the countryside.

It is all very well saying that green belt is safe but a lot of green fields around towns are not classed as green belt and these are all at risk of development.

When are our local MPs and councillors actually going to stand up and tell us exactly how they feel about this?

B Fielding