A DOCTOR is reminding his patients of the dangers of coronavirus after he tested positive for the virus.

Dr Abdul Mannan, 44, from The Surgery Haslingden tested positive on Tuesday after developing a dry cough.

Dr Mannan said: “The message is that this thing is everywhere and yes it’s difficult but the more we try to contain ourselves the better.”

In the surgery, Dr Mannan has had to see some patients face-to-face when necessary, with an element of difficulty added when a child could be suffering with a chest infection.

Although surgery staff are wearing PPE, children up to 11 are exempt from wearing masks meaning when seeing them, the risk of contracting the virus is heightened.

“There is only so much protection you are going to get from the masks that we use and the equipment we have.”

The doctor, who lives in Rawtenstall, is now posting videos on the practice Facebook page to let patients know how he is getting on and let them know the dangers of the virus.

He said: “For all my patients and people out there, you can get it from holding onto the bar on the bus or opening a door handle. Little things you might not think of.”

The doctor is asking people to be cautious and reminding people to follow the rules and remember the hygiene protocols.

He added: “I think if we stick to the first principle of the more socially distanced we are, the more we respect rules of bubbles and hand hygiene.

“The virus can only transmit if we mix with people outside of our households. Some of us have to do that we can’t help it but some of us don’t have to, its optional some of those things we do in life and it’s best to avoid it really.