A MAN has admitted having sex with chickens and his own dog having already been once convicted of having sex with a horse in 2016.

Shane Waters, 40, admitted to police that he couldn’t control his 'urges'.

Waters, of Elizabeth Street, Accrington, pleaded guilty to having sex with a chicken, a dog and burglary at Lower Holker Farm, Accrington, with intent to cause criminal damage to chickens.

He was committed in custody to Burnley Crown Court to be sentenced on November 20.

After finding a number of dead chickens in a shed the farmer checked CCTV which showed a male entering and remaining for about 20 minutes.

The abused dog has been signed over to the RSPCA.

Damian Pickup, defending, said Waters had been sexually abused by a family friend when he was a teenager and had not spoken about it to anyone.

“He believes that what he suffered then has led to the thoughts and urges that he gets,” said Mr Pickup.

“When he is not working and when he is lonely these thoughts come into his head and work has been intermittent in recent weeks.

“He appreciates these thoughts and what he does to these animals is vulgar and abhorrent. When it is finished he feels disgusted with himself.”

Mr Pickup said Waters had spoken to a NHS nurse and to his GP, suggesting that he needs counselling.

He said: “She has set the ball rolling for him to get the help he obviously needs.”

Applying for bail, Mr Pickup said following his conviction in 2016 Waters had been made subject to a community order for two years with conditions he attends the sex offender treatment programme and complete 30 days’ rehabilitation activities.

He was ordered to pay £85 costs and £60 victim surcharge and made subject to a restraining order prohibiting him from Town Bent stables in Oswaldtwistle.

Speaking after Waters’ 2016 conviction, District Judge Lewis Jones said: “You ought to recognise that you need help and that you are fortunate not to be going to prison today.”

The judge said that people would be ‘repulsed’ by defendant's actions.

Waters’ lawyer at the time, Richard Prew, said his client wished to put the incident behind him.

Mr Prew said: “He has lost his family, his home and now his job as a result of this incident.

“He needs closure on this and he needs to go forward with his life.”

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Now, four years on, Mr Pickup believes that Waters has demonstrated he can abide by court orders following such incidents.

Mr Pickup said: “He has shown he can abide by court orders in the past and says he can be trusted not to go to this particular farm.”