A MUM-of-three who runs a hair extension business from her home was left terrified after another trader threatened legal action in a row over a trademark.

Jodie Crosland, who trades as Rayne Bow Extensions and Training Academy in Clayton-le-Moors, posted a picture on Instagram of some hair extensions she had created using the hashtag ‘flipped to be worn’.

She was contacted by an angry Dayle Adams, who sells hair extensions under the name Flip-In Hair, a trademark of her company IP Holdings Ltd.

However, the 33-year-old said a couple of months later she then received a legal letter through the post on behalf of Ms Adams, accusing her of infringing intellectual property rights.

They told the mum-of-three that the matter could be resolved if she paid them £1,000, but if she continued to use or sell the product she would be charged £5,000 per day, up to £1.5million.

She said: “I was scared. I have three children under 10 and I run my business alone.”

Mrs Crosland said the situation caused her a lot of stress and sleepless nights and, not having the money to go to a solicitor, she got in touch with Burnley’s Dave Fishwick ­— the multi-millionaire businessman of Channel 4’s Bank Of Dave fame.

She said: “Dave’s wife is a client of mine and I mentioned it to her one day and she said she’d ask Dave if he could help.

“I couldn’t understand it, I’d used the hashtag as a directional term - you flip in the extension - it’s just an instruction, I was describing how the hair piece goes in. What she was doing was like trying to copyright the word ‘hair’.

“After I got in touch with Dave and he began doing some research for me, Dayle Adams left me a voice message apologising, saying it was a mistake and she was just trying to run a business.”

Mr Fishwick said: “I got in touch with the solicitors who sent the letter and told them it was wrong to be bullying people in this way.

“They backed off for a while and we haven’t heard from them since, but I am willing to go to court for Jodie.

“If anyone in Lancashire has experienced anything similar then they should get in touch with me.”

A statement from the Intellectual Property Team at Flip-in Hair, on behalf of Dayle Adams read: “Two years ago Jodie was invoiced a total of £300 inc VAT only.

“Dayle Adams personally apologised for the stress caused by the heavy-handed letter written by her lawyers and ensured that letter was never used again.

“Flip-In Hair was registered as a trademark over 10 years ago for a brand that sold wired hair extension products, before launching a hair care range and a bungee ponytail that all carried the name, ie Flip-In Hair Shampoo, Flip-In Hair Serum, Flip-In Hair Ponytail.

“The huge marketing budgets grew its success internationally through exhibitions in the UK and overseas accompanied by large advertising campaigns and sponsorships.

“This is why Flip-In is linked to hair extensions and an internationally known brand.

“IP is the most valuable business asset, far above any equipment or stock, therefore it needs to be protected to prevent its theft or its falling foul of genericide.

“IP owners are advised to enlist IP lawyers to manage, protect and exploit their rights in accordance with legislation, and pay hefty financial fees for these rights and services.

“Dayle Adams has registered trademarks with the IPO, BIPO, EUIPO and the WIPO.”