A vehicle that had been involved in at least two incidents of illegal waste dumping has been seized by the council and crushed.

A video posted on social media by Burnley Borough Council shows the truck, which was seen flytipping across the borough on numerous occasions, being raised into the air by an industrial crane before being dropped from a height and crushed.

Street scene officers from the council's environmental department have produced the video as a warning to illegal waste removal firms, stating that should they be caught fly-tipping in Burnley and using their vehicles to blight the countryside it will be seized and crushed.

A spokesperson for the street scene team said: "This vehicle was seized as a result of complaints from members of the public who saw it out and about flytipping in the borough.

"The alleged owner couldn't produce his documents on time which gives us the right to crush the vehicle."

Lancashire Telegraph:

The alleged owner was given 14 days by council officers, to produce documents to prove they owned the vehicle.

When they failed to do so the vehicle became the property of Burnley Council.

The waste in the fly-tip was subsequently traced to a resident in Burnley, who council officials say will more than likely be fined.

The street scene spokesperson added: "If you have rubbish to be removed, do your research, follow the scrap code; make sure you see receipts and where it's going to.

"And also get the waste carriers license number, and if you can get a photo of the vehicle and the people removing the waste.

"If they are legitimate they won't mind."