It’s a grim time for football at the moment and for the foreseeable future but the Premier League still spent millions before the transfer window closed.

Clubs go out of business but the fat cats of the Premier League are not affected the same.

I remember a time when David Platt was transferred to a club in Europe, I can’t recall the name, but I remember having a chat to a mate of mine and we couldn’t believe the amount of money per week he was being paid, I believe it was £36.000 per week.

Clubs in the UK didn’t pay that kind of money then. Recently Gareth Bale was signed by Tottenham who pay £300.000 per week and his previous club also pay £300.000 while lower league clubs struggle to make ends meet.

Lower league clubs are at the hub of their towns and it would be a sad loss for their community if they went.

The chairman of Chorley FC Ken Wright was recently interviewed on TV and was asked how long Chorley could carry on under the current situation and gave an emotional answer “until Christmas”.

Clubs like Chorley provided players for the top flight. Paul Marriner was one such player who went from Chorley FC to Plymouth for £35.000 and then to Bobby Robson’s Ipswich town and later became an England international.

Come on Premier League get a deal done so we don’t lose any more clubs,. They are all part of the football family. Let’s not have us and them, let’s have us all together.

Ken Chaisty