GET ready to change your watches as the clocks go back this weekend.

This means that the people in the UK will have an extra hour to themselves- how you spend it is entirely up to you

If you don’t feel like wasting your extra hour in bed, there are plenty of other activities you could be doing instead.

From supporting local businesses to trying something that is completely out of your comfort zone, here are five ways to spend your extra hour this weekend:

When do the clocks go back?

On Sunday 25th October at 2am, the clocks will go back an hour.

This means that it will go back to 1am while many of us are likely to be sleeping.

Clocks on the majority of phones and laptops are likely to reset themselves- but don’t forget to manually adjust any clocks or watches or you might find yourself running late for any appointments.

How to spend your extra hour

Do some online shopping

We might only be in October- but it’s never too early to get your Christmas shopping list started.

You could use your extra hour off doing some online shopping and gift inspiration- failing that, you could always treat yourself to an item or two.

However, have you also considered shopping locally and supporting smaller business with your shopping ventures.

Speaking of Christmas shopping, one Blackburn seller makes personalised handmade Christmas stockings.

Lancashire Telegraph: Personalised Christmas stockings (Photo: Etsy, Crafty Keek)Personalised Christmas stockings (Photo: Etsy, Crafty Keek)

You can find them on CraftyKeek’s Etsy page.

There are also plenty of local Etsy sellers who make reusable face masks that are also pleasing on the eye.

Carve a pumpkin

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the perfect time to carve some pumpkins with the kids and start decorating you house.

While you could buy one from your local supermarket, another fun idea is to head down to your local pumpkin patch and choose your own pumpkin.

(Facebook/Mrs Dowsons Farm)

Mrs Downson’s Farm in Blackburn is just one local place where you can pick your own pumpkin fresh from the field.

The pumpkin farm is open from Saturday 17th October until the 31st October.

Tickets for the event start at £8.95 for children and adult tickets start at £5.95- pumpkin are priced at £4 on the day.

Book your tickets online.

Get some reading done

When was the last time you sat down with a book and simply got lost in the story?

Sunday is the perfect time to rediscover your love of reading without the excuse of not having enough time as you have a whole extra hour.

There are plenty of local authors to consider when perusing the book shelves.

Josephine Cox is just one notable author who was born in Blackburn and she has gone on to write some notable books.


In 2010, she wrote ‘Blood Brothers’ which tells the story of a woman engaged to marry the vile brother while being in love with the younger, and infinitely more decent brother.

Other titles by the author include ‘Two Sisters’, ‘A Family Secret’, and ‘Journey’s End’.

Go for a walk

While it might seem like a mundane way to spend your extra hour on Sunday, walking gives you a chance to explore some of the region’s beauty spots.

Seeing as it’s Halloween next week, why not embark on an spooky walk during your extra hour?

Famed as a location in the Pendle witch trials back in the 17th century, there are a lot of myths and legends surrounding Pendle Hill.

Lancashire Telegraph: The view of Pendle HillThe view of Pendle Hill

(Photo: Geograph, David Dixon)

However, this is a scenic walking root with stunning views across East Lancashire once you reach the peak of the hill.

For the full experience, start your walk in one of the lay-bys on the Nick of Pendle that heads north from the village of Sabden up to Clitheroe.

Solve a puzzle and escape

Why don’t you spend your extra sixty minutes solving puzzles and escaping from a room?

Lucardo Escape Rooms in Rawtenstall is a great Escape the Room game in the region- and they have plenty of room themes to choose from.

(Credit: Google Maps)

Tripadvisor users also have high praise for the escape room, which has a 5/5 rating.

One Tripadvisor user wrote: “Regarding Covid-19 we felt very safe, there was hand sanitizer in the room and the hosts wore face masks.

“We would highly recommend for anyone looking for something fun to despite the pandemic, great little escape.”

If you don’t want to attend the venue, Lucardo Escape Rooms even have an online puzzle room that can be played from the comfort of your living room.

Book your escape room online.

How are you planning to spend your extra hour this weekend? Let us know in the comment section.