Police have issued a firework safety message to parents after they discovered a a group of young teenagers playing with fireworks in Blackburn.

Officers were called to reports of youngsters messing around with fireworks on the playing field next to Birley Street.

They found out that the boy with the fireworks was 13-years-old and a 12-year-old was among the group.

Police escorted the youngsters home and their parents were informed.

The remaining fireworks were seized.

Blackburn and Darwen police said: "This evening we have been out responding to calls of juvenile misuse of fireworks and came across four youths playing with fireworks on the playing field next to Birley Street in Blackburn.

"Upon seeing us they made off but all four were detained nearby and what was left of the fireworks seized.

"We were shocked to discover that the lad with the fireworks was only 13-years-old and one of the others was only 12-years-old.

"The youths were taken home and their parents informed about what their children had been doing.

"We will also be informing their schools as it is clear that some strong messaging around firework safety needs giving across the board.

"Parents, make sure your children understand the very real dangers of playing with fireworks."