A workshop looking at educating mothers to prevent radicalisation in children will tour the country to get the message accross.

The Empowering Minds Mothers Against Radicalisation workshops have restarted in Yorkshire, having paused during the pandemic and will set a date in Blackburn soon.

Sofia Mahmood, founder of Empowering Minds, is determined not to let the pandemic interrupt the vital work she is doing in her community and so these workshops are happening online.

The renowned programme, which has trained more than 450 mothers, aims to educate and empower to challenge intolerance and the dangers of extremist behaviour.

The six-week programme also focuses on creating an open dialogue with mothers to instil confidence in having difficult conversations with their loved ones as Sofia believes the first people to suspect something is wrong with others are often those closest to them.

Miss Mahmood, founder of Empowering Minds, said: “Mothers know their children better than anyone and so they are essential in helping to spot the signs of radicalisation.

"This is why I am determined to reach out and invest in mothers to equip them with the right tools and skills.”

As it is Hate Crime Week, Miss Mahmood thinks communities must tackle the growing crime related to extremism.

She said: “As a community we need to provide a strong sense of belonging to prevent anyone becoming a victim of radicalisation, especially during lockdown where online extremism has been at its worst.

"It is about putting aside cultural differences and realising that radicalisation is a problem to combat together. Each mother, from all faiths and none, will be able to relate to each other, as motherhood is a shared experience across all backgrounds."

The Empowering Minds workshops will expand on a date for Blackburn and other parts of the North West in the near future.

To find out more, please visit: https://empoweringminds.co.uk/