TRAINING company Sales Geek is expanding into new territories across the county as it plans a major stepping up of its operations.

The last few months have been busy for the company, having moved from Altham to Blackburn’s One Cathedral Square in September.

The expansion will now see the company launch two new franchises, one in Preston headed by sales director Simon Damp and the other in Lancaster, led by sales expert Tony Capper.

Founder and CEO Richard Few said: “To say we are excited to launch our first two franchises, headed-up by two people of the calibre and experience of Simon and Tony, is probably the understatement of the year.

“We practise what we preach at Sales Geek and these guys are the real deal.

“Their track record is impeccable, and they are going to do great things for businesses across the region.”

The Blackburn company specialises in providing sales training to a wide variety of businesses.

These new franchises are being launched to increase the firm’s reach and increase the number of clients it can take on.

They will also allow other companies to access sales expertise by giving them access to one of Sales Geek’s own directors.

Mr Few said: “Hiring a sales director is a big deal for any company.

“A sales director’s salary can be prohibitive, particularly if you want the very best sales leaders with significant experience and a great track record."