With the closure of the TSB at Bastwell, I thought I would to tell you about my history with TSB.

I first started banking with the school bank (if you are old enough to remember that) at primary school which was run by the TSB and at the Higher Eanam branch. At about this time there must have been about four branches in Blackburn, along with Darwen, Rishton, Great Harwood, Accrington, along with many other East Lancashire towns.

Anyway, at some point they decided to close Higher Eanam and move my account to the Blackburn town centre branch. I decided this would not be convenient for me so I moved my account to Rishton. I was quite happy there until they closed that and my account was then moved to Accrington.

Again, I decided to move it, this time to Bastwell in Blackburn and I have been happy with it for many years. Now with Bastwell closing, God only knows where my account will be going. As far as I can make out the nearest branch available will be in Preston.

I know that these days most banking can be done online, over the phone or by other means and it normally works well, until the day it doesn’t and you need to go into a branch. But when that happens, where will your branch be?

Michael Albin